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Indo-Pak War - September 1965

In 1965 War, Pakistan Rangers remained on the fore from 6 September till the final withdrawal in end of march 1965. Salient encounters bearing testimony of its professional excellence are: -

  • On 8 September 1965 at about 0500 hours, Indians attack Gadro with two infantry Battalion strength supported by two troops of tank and one field Regiment Arterially. Repeated attempts to gain any foot hold by the enemy were repulsed four time foiling enemies aim to advance towards Hyderabad.
  • On 13/14 September 1965, Rangers troops in Khokrapar Sector advanced and captured Indian Panchlla and Saruna Posts. In order to refute any attempt by the enemy on Rajasthan Sector, Pakistan Rangers, Mujahids and Hurs were re-deployed at Khipro, Khairpur, Khokhrapar, Khinsar, Chachro, Virawah, Jatrai and Rahim Ki Bazaar, Pakistan Rangers captured Indian posts of Mitrao on 17 September, Kelnor, Kalonkatala, Haroonkatala, Dedusar, Nawatala and Sobhalo on 21 / 22 September 1965.
  • On 16 / 17 September 1965, enemy tried to advance towards Shakarboo and Dhali was repulsed.
  • On 20 September 1965, enemy with 600 troops and 4 tanks advanced towards Jessejopar but were successfully ambushed and four soldiers ex 17 Madras Battalion were made Prisoners of Wars.
  • On 21 September 1965, enemy advance towards Khinsar / Chachro, tough resistance was given by our troops till 22 September 1965, when Pakistan Air Force launched fierce strike at the enemy. 18 Punjab along with Rangers struck the final blow to the enemy and annihilated major portion of Indian 17 Madras and 5 Marhata Battalion and approximately 200 all ranks of enemy were taken Prisoner of War and many more were killed / injured.
  • Post Ceasefire Development. After the announcement of ceasefire on 23 September 1965, Indian tried to dislocate the Rangers from the captured and occupied Indian posts and various encounters took place at Sobhalo on 24 September, Rohri on 26 September, Sundra on 28 September, Bhilonkatala on 29 September, Nawatala on 30 September, Kelnor on 9 October, Nawatal on 15 October, Kalronkatala on 22 October and Miajlar on 17 / 18 November 1965. All such attempts by enemy were repulse.
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