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1971 War

The salinet feature of the battle plan for Pakistan Rangers called for that all Border Out Posts to remain in defensive positions in thier peace locations till out break of hostilities and if attacked by enemy these posts to delay enemy to best of their ability and then withdraw to Dali with company strength, Khinsar with two platoons, Chachro with company plus ninety men from Razakars, Virawah with company and Diplo ninety men from Razakars. Details of incidents are as under: --

  • Relanhor Sector. Two platoons were located at Relanhor and Somo. On outbreak of hostilities, these positions were attacked on 10 December and pushed back about 1 and half miles, where they held on upto the ceasefire.
  • Khokhrapar Sector. This sector had a platoon each at Ghazi Camp and Kumb Jo Par which were under command R & S elements present in the sector and remained with them till reverting to Rangers in the third week of December 1971.
  • Gadro Sector. This sector had three platoons at Shakarboo, Gadro, and Nimia which on 4 December came under attack by enemy 18 Madras and 20 Rajput Battalions. After a tough resistance these platoons withdrew to Dali on 5th December. Later these were ordered to concentrate to defend Umerkot.
  • Tar Abdul Rahim Sector. This sector consisted of four platoons at Tar Dost, Tar Abdul Rahim, Chuttal and Dalian Ka Tar. These platoons were ordered to move to Chachro. Later these were employed for the defense of Umerkot.
  • Virawah Sector. This sector had total of six platoons: three platoons at Khanu Ki Dhani to cover approach from Bakasar and three platoons at Virwah. These platoons were withdraw to Bhalwa on 10 December 1971.
  • Bhalwa Sector. Positions were occupied on 12 December with two companies. These companies remained cut off and fought independent battle for five days from 17 - 22 December due to enemy’s raid by infiltration on track Islamkot - Mithi.
  • Diplo Sector. This sector had 5 platoons. Facing continued enemy attacks on Posts Vingor, Chhad and Jatrai from 6 - 10 December, these platoons withdrew to area SARAN where it held positions till the ceasefire.
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