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      Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) traces its inheritance from Sindh Rifles established in 1943. On emergence of Pakistan, the security of Eastern border was assigned to Sindh Rifles, Khairpur State Police, Bahawalpur State Police and newly raised Punjab Home Guards. In 1948, Sindh Rifles and Punjab Home Guards were re-designated as Sindh Police Rangers and Punjab Border Police respectively.

       In 1958, border security forces were re-organized and named as West Pakistan Rangers and later re-designated as Pakistan Rangers in 1971.

      In late 80s, due to worsening law and order situation in Karachi and Hyderabad, Mehran Force was raised in September 1988. Army was de-inducted from Internal Security duties in 1994 and Mehran Force continued to control law and order of the province. In early 90s, ethnic violence resulted in wide spread unrest. To control the situation,Federal Government decided to substantially increase the strength of Rangers and the raising of separate Headquarters for Civil Armed Force in Sindh. Consequently, in March 1995, Pakistan Rangers thus got bifurcated into Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) and Pakistan Rangers (Sindh). Mehran Force and other Corps of Pakistan Rangers operated in the province of Sindh formed part of Pakistan Rangers (Sindh).

       The Force is governed by Rangers Ordinance 1959 under the Ministry of Interior while the Government of Sindh requisitions Sindh Rangers for Internal Security duties on yearly basis.

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