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Role and Tasks

Border Security Duties. Defend Eastern Border with India in Sindh province, approximately 912 kilometres.
Internal Security Duties. Provide backup support to Sindh Police in maintenance of law and order in the province.
Border Related Tasks
  • Perform Border Security duties on the Eastern Border in the Province of Sindh.
  • During war, fall under command Army for operational employment and rear area security duties.
  • Assist Civil Administration for Internal Security duties within Sindh boundary.
  • Protection of persons and property in border area.
  • Apprehension of persons, unlawfully entering into or going out of Pakistani territory through International Border.
  • Collection of intelligence in border area.
  • Assist / coordination with Police and other civil agencies in prevention and checking of smuggling.

    Internal Security Tasks. Following tasks have been assigned by the Home Department Government of Sindh vide their notification of September 2009:-

  • Patrolling of Indus and National Highways in cases of extreme emergencies.
  • For all large scale search and sweep operations, Pakistan Rangers(Sindh) will provide support to Police
  • Deployment for manning of protective bunds on Indus River and Katcha areas in the gaps where Police Force is thin and needs backup support.
  • Deployment shall be brief and in exceptional cases stationary picquets would be established.
  • Areas in the hilly Ranges where Police Force is not deployed, Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) will take over and fill in the gaps.
  • Remain available as a backup support force to Police for maintenance of law and order and takeover situation where it warrants presence of well trained force.
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) may establish some of the picquets on roof tops and on ground, if required. Certain areas can be allocated to Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) for this purpose.
  • Patrolling on selected roads to assist Police in maintenance of law and order.
  • Protection of selected high values installations including major Hospitals, Educational Institutions and Foreign installations / Consulates.
  • Provide support to Police during religious / mega events.
  • Force will have its own independent intelligence network and on specific information, it will conduct independent operations.
  • Local Command of the Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) will closely coordinate with the concerned District Administration and Police officials.

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