Field Security Sector


A Field Intelligences Unit was raised as part of Mehran Force in May 1992. Initially, it had five companies located at Karachi, Hyderabad, Dadu, Larkana and Sukkur. In November 1994, Field Security Company Dadu was shifted to Karachi with Abdullah Shah Ghazi Rangers while Field Security Company Larkana was re-located at Nawab Shah with Indus Rangers. In March 1995 and May 1997, two new Field Security Companies were raised at Karachi with Bhittai Rangers and at Hyderabad with Thar Rangers, respectively. Three companies were grouped as a field security Wing at Karachi on bifurcation of Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) in 1995 while three companies at interior Sindh retained independent status. In November 2007, Field Security Sector was raised at Karachi, whereas Field Security Wing was established / shifted to Hyderabad, under command a Lieutenant Colonel to look after the three Field Security Companies in Interior Sindh. Field Security Sector besides providing timely intelligence input to Commanders at all levels, has played a significant role in combating terrorism, target killing, gang wars and in drive against anti state elements. Over a period of time, Field Security Sector has become a potent intelligence organization, capable of undertaking all kinds of intelligence operations independently. Human intelligence (HUMINT) is the major speciality of this Sector.

Role / Tasks

  • Intelligence gathering primarily through human intelligence (HUMINT) and expert investigations / interrogations of suspects.
  • Conduct independent operations against proscribed terrorist organizations and anti state elements.