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Pakistan Rangers Sindh is an elite Para Military Force entrusted with the mission to keep the borders of Pakistan secure from all foreign and domestic elements.

 The Force is governed by Rangers Ordinance 1959 under the Ministry of Interior while the Government of Sindh requisitions Pakistan Rangers Sindh for Internal Security duties on requirement.

Law & Order

Establish writ of the Government and ensure its implementation at all tiers


Serve and protect the citizens of Pakistan in general and Sindh in particular


To ensure the safety of people and the environment and prevent all violations of the law

Protection of Borders

Keep the borders of Pakistan safe from foreign and dosmestic elements

Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is primarily a border protection force, established for looking after the Eastern Border. However, owing to the deteriorating law and order situation, the Force was employed in Karachi and Interior Sindh to provide support to Sindh Government to stabilize the Internal Security situation. Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) made significant contributions in controlling the law and order situation in Sindh, particularly in volatile environments of Karachi. As a consequence the Force has earned a great repute and confidence of the people.

I, being Director General of the Force, am confident that irrespective of diverse challenges to the internal security of the Province, Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is in firm control of the situation. Our mandate, plans for its realisation and impediments are also absolutely clear to the rank and file of Pakistan Rangers Sindh. Likewise, the Force has unflinching resolve towards achievement of assigned goals. Through forward looking and meticulous planning, resolve and perpetual readiness, we shall be able to come up to the expectations of the Nation ‘InshaAllah’.

Major General

Director General, Pakistan Rangers Sindh

Serving the Nation since


If you have discipline, drive and determination, nothing is impossible





An Army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot

To Command is to serve; nothing more, nothing less

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Frequently Asked Questions



How can I launch a complaint with Pakistan Rangers Sindh?

You can launch a complaint by one of the following:

Sending a text message to 1101

Calling or sending a WhatsApp message at +92 347 900 1111

Submit a written complaint at any of the Headquarters addressed to Director General of Pakistan Rangers Sindh.

What all types of complaints are accepted by Pakistan Rangers Sindh?

Pakistan Rangers Sindh operates in the following domains:

Target Killing

Kidnapping for Ransom



For all other disputes please get in touch with your local police station.

I wish to join Pakistan Rangers Sindh. How do I join?

Pakistan Rangers Sindh holds recruitments all over Pakistan once a year. Eligible candidates can find the recruitment dates as they are published in all major newspapers.

What is the eligibility criteria to join Pakistan Rangers Sindh?

Pakistan Rangers Sindh has multiple recruitment streams. You can either join as regular or as a direct entrant depending on your qualification. More details can be found in the recruitment advertisment published in the newspaper each year. Click here for more info.

Someone owes me money. How do I get Pakistan Rangers involved to help me get my money back?

Pakistan Rangers Sindh does not intervene in money / land disputes.

To handle such disputes please get in touch with you local police station.