Qalandar Group


To meet the challenges of urban warfare and fighting in built-up areas, the need for a specialized, well trained and fully equipped Force with capability to operate precisely in densely populated areas was met by raising Rangers Anti Terrorist Sector. In 2004, Brigadier Rasheed Malik, Special Services Group (SSG), then Sector Commander Bhittai Rangers was assigned the responsibility for raising an Anti Terrorist Company. On 25 March 2004, Anti Terrorist Company was raised and on 14 August 2008, this Company was further upgraded to 1 Rangers Anti Terrorist Wing named as Qalandar Wing. Owing to the outstanding achievements of Rangers Anti Terrorist Wing, Major General Bilal Akbar, then Director General Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) decided to raise Rangers Anti Terrorist Sector. Consequently, on 1 September 2015, Sector Headquarters Rangers Anti Terrorist alongwith an additional Rangers Anti Terrorist Wing were raised to complete the organizational structure of Rangers Anti Terrorist Sector. Sector Headquarters of Rangers Anti Terrorist is presently located in Old Radio Pakistan Building, Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road Karachi, while the two Rangers Anti Terrorist wings are located at New Haji Camp Sultanabad and Sind Reserve Police Centre Saeedabad. Rangers Anti Terrorist Sector was later renamed as Qalandar Group in Oct 2019.

Role / Tasks

  • Conduct specialized operations against terrorist organizations and proscribed outfits.
  • Assist other sectors in entire Pakistan Rangers (Sind) area of responsibility for maintenance of law and order and all other security related tasks.
  • Acting as Force Reserve, remain available as backup Force for employment on the orders of Director General.