Qasim Rangers


Qasim Rangers was raised at Lahore in April 1990 and is named after the famous Muslim General, Muhammad Bin Qasim. After raising, Qasim Rangers was tasked to control law and order situation in Hyderabad Division in support of Police as part of Mehran Force. It continued performing tasks related to internal security duties at Hyderabad Division till it formed a part of Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) in 1995. Later, in May 1995, it was assigned dual responsibility of maintaining law and order situation in Hyderabad District while guarding international border simultaneously. It was reorganized as Sector Headquarters on 20 September 2010 with four wings; two wings are performing internal security duties and other two are deployed along the Eastern Border. Qasim Rangers’ Area of Responsibility includes Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas, Matiari, Jamshoro and Dadu for Internal Security tasks and Chhor and Chachro for border defence duties.

Role / Tasks

  • Protection of International border.
  • Assist Police/ civil administration in maintenance of law and order at assigned areas of Hyderabad Division.