Rangers Saddle & Shooting Club

Rangers Shooting & Saddle Club is a state-of-the-art facility compatible with any International Standards of Shooting Sports with all specifications considered in line with ISSF (International Shooting Sports Federation). Earth breaking of the facility was carried out by then Director General Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) Major General Ijaz Chaudhry in August 2010. Project was completed in April 2011 and was inaugurated by Commander 5 Corps Lieutenant General Zaheer Ul Islam, HI(M) on 26 Jul 2011. The facility was initially opened only for training oriented shooting events. However, civilian memberships were allowed in December 2011. Moreover in April 2017 a new concept of Rangers Marksmanship Program (RMP) has been introduced in which selected shooters from each Wing will undergo a rigorous training in sharp shooting and long range precision fire at RSSC. The complete facility has undergone major upgradation and renovation in Jan 2020 incorporating latestest facilities such as Paintball and Tactical Bay Shooting.




Rangers Shooting Club is equipped with an impressive collection of weapons including sports, hunting and tactical guns of all non-prohibited calibers.

50 Meter Range

It is an outdoor range meant for pistol, SMG / SMC or rifle shooting. Range consists of Five (5) firing bays equipped with an automated target system. Night shooting facility is also available.


Archery is an old traditional sport which has gone rare over the last couple of decades. Club also homes sports-oriented archery where archers can enjoy shooting Long Bows and Cross Bows of various specifications and range.

Paintball Arena

Paintball is a two sided shooting sport in which firer / players play by hitting ponent with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules that break upon impact. Paintball technology is also used by Pakistan Rangers Sindh to supplement its military training. 3 x Different courses of Paintball Arena are aval at RSSC.

10 Meters Range

It is an air-conditioned indoor range meant for air pistol and air rifle shooting. This range has five (5) firing bays equipped with automated target system and LCD display. 

250 Meter Range

It is an outdoor range meant for SMG or rifle shooting. Range consists of 8 x firing bays, weapons including M-4, G3, SMG, M-16 and sniper can be fired and zeroed on this range. 8 x Popup target sys with different modules is also aval on this range for training purpose.

Long Range

The Long Range is equipped with LR wireless camera system which helps the firer to see the target more easily and comfortably, the long range can be used for 100 till 800 meters.

Saddle Club

Saddle club has 6 x well trained horses. Riding School gives riding lessons to new and amateur riders. Training for riding and tent pegging is also given at the club.

15 / 25 Meter Range

It is an outdoor pistol shooting range meant for pistols ranging from caliber .22 to caliber .50. The range consists of twelve (12) firing bays with turning target system and LCD display. Night shooting facility is also available.

Skeet Shooting Range

It is an international standard Laporte Certified Skeet / Trap Shooting Range equipped with latest RS-7000 voice activated target system. Skeet range has both automatic as well as manual target systems available. Trap range has complete 15 target systems with a variety of Trap / Double-Trap games installed for shooters’ interest.

Tactical Shooting Range

Tactical shooting sports is an individual / collective group of short range facility of competitive and recreational sports involving tests of accuracy, perseverance and speed in shooting.  In this facility variety of small arms can be used with different firing positions and can be simulated to various contingencies.

Membership Criteria

Membership Requirements

  • Membership form duly filled (specimen attached).
  • 4 x Passport size photographs
  • 1 x Soft copy of passport size. photograph on CD for membership card.
  • 4 x Photocopies of CNIC.
  • Photocopy of weapon licence(s).
  • Character Verification Certificate from local police station as per the address.
  • Original CNIC and licenses will be shown at the time of submission of forms.
  • Terms & conditions / declaration form duly signed by the applicant.

Applying Procedure

  • A desired member can visit the club facilities and can get the membership form from club office. After filling form he / she may submit the form at club office. RSSC will start the procedure on membership.
  • Membership of Armed Forces and Rangers Offrs will be approved by Patron.
  • Membership of all other categories will be approved by Patron-in-Chief.
  • After approval of membership, a computerized membership card of Rangers Shooting & Saddle Club will be issued to members.

Payment Procedure

  • Pay Order / Crossed Cheque may be made in respect of Rangers Shooting Club, account number 103165050368-1 Askari Bank Malir Cantonment Branch.
  • Membership dues may be deposited / transferred online through ATM.     

Contact Info



+92 300 0731 433

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