What We Do

Operational and Legal Framework

The Force is governed by Pakistan Rangers Ordinance 1959 and operates under the Ministry of Interior. During war, Force is to go under command Army for operational duties. Government of Sindh has requisitioned Pakistan Rangers (Sindh), under Article 147 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, to continue to discharge functions as per law and for rendering assistance to Sindh Police in maintenance of Law and Order within the province of Sindh. These powers / requisitions are being revalidated on a yearly basis. In Karachi, Force has been given special powers under revised Anti Terrorism Act 1997.


According to Pakistan Rangers Ordinance 1959, functions assigned are as following:-

  • Protection of personnel and property in border areas.
  • Apprehension of persons unlawfully entering into or going out of Pakistani territory.
  • Organization of village defence in border areas.
  • Prevention of smuggling.
  • Collection of intelligence in border areas.
  • Coordination of the activities of Police and other civil agencies in the prevention and detection of crimes.
  • Assistance of Police in the prevention and detection of crimes in border areas.
    Provision of reinforcement to Police for the maintenance of Law and Order, whenever, necessary.

Specialized Roles

Pakistan Rangers Sindh has been assigned the following specific roles by the Government of Sindh vide Notification No SO (LE-I)HD/6-66/1995, revised from time to time:-

  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh), in case of extreme emergencies, can carry out the patrolling of Indus and National Highways as may be duly notified by the Government of Sindh.
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) will provide backup support to the Police and participate actively in such joint operations as may be requested by the Inspector General of Police Sindh.
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) will be deployed at random for manning of all protective bunds  on Indus River and Katcha areas where Police force is thin on ground and needs backup support. The deployment shall be brief and in exceptional cases, stationary picquets will be established for the same purpose. This will be identified in the meetings with the District Administration and local Police officers of the Districts.
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) will be present and will fill in the gaps in such areas of the hilly ranges where Police Force is not deployed. In the manner as outlined above, these gaps will be identified through mutual consultations with the Police Commanders, District Administration. This surveillance role will be assigned randomly by the Government of Sindh. In cases of emergency, stationary picquets will also be set up.
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) will remain available as a backup / reserve to local / civil administration, to be deployed in appropriate number with the consent of  Government of Sindh. The Rangers will function in support of the Police and will be prepared to take over certain areas where the situation warrants presence of a well- trained strike Force.
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) may establish some picquets on rooftops and on ground (if required). Certain areas can even be allocated by Government of Sindh to the Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) for this purpose. 
  • Pakistan Rangers will carry out occasional patrolling on selected roads on the report of Senior Superintendent of Police in maintenance of law and order.
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) shall not raid any office of the Government of Sindh or any other Government Authority, without prior written approval of the Chief Secretary, Government of Sindh.
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh), if given, special powers under any law for the time being in force, shall follow all procedural and legal steps as prescribed by law.
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) will protect selected High Value Installations including major hospitals, educational institutions and foreign installations / consulates as notified by the Government of Sindh.
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) may provide backup support to Police during conduct of Religious / Mega events involving large Public gathering and escort / route protection for visiting Foreign Delegations and President / Prime Minister to Karachi and elsewhere in the province of Sindh as specifically notified from time to time by the Government of Sindh.
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) will have its own independent Intelligence Network and will carry out intelligence based operations in accordance with law as well as the instant notification.